Mar 8, 2009

Seashells of Taiwan FDC from Taiwan

FDC Name:Seashells of Taiwan.
Issue Date:26th FEB'2009.
Details:Having previously issued two sets of stamps in the “Seashells of Taiwan” series (in October of 2007 and July of 2008), Taiwan Post is now following up with a third set of four stamps, featuring Strombus sinuatus, Hydatina amplustre, Cymatium hepaticum, and Mitra mitra.
The designs follow:
  • 1. Strombus sinuatus (NT5.00): Spindle-shaped, the shell has tawny or reddish brown stripes and a purple red aperture. There are big nodules on its backside. Its aperture is narrow and its outer lip flares widely. The rim of the adult shell’s outer lip is thick with finger-like projections on the posterior edge.
  • 2. Hydatina amplustre (NT5.00): This ball-shaped shell is light and thin like a bubble. It is covered with rosy pink and white bands, though some of the shells also have black bands. This beautiful glossy shell has a very small spire.
  • 3. Cymatium hepaticum (NT12.00): This spindle-shaped shell is covered with orange yellow and dark brown stripes and some occasional white speckles. The surface of the shell is very sculptured. The rim of its aperture is orange with white teeth.
  • 4. Mitra mitra (NT12.00): With a white shell that is oblong-shaped (resembling the writing end of a Chinese calligraphic brush) and covered with either red or yellow spots, it reminds people of a koi. There are more red-spotted ones than yellow spotted ones. It has a narrow aperture and a very short siphonal canal.

Remark:Nice real posted FDC from my Taiwan friend by registered post.The local cancellation by the post office is also good.

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