Dec 30, 2008

New Year's Greeting FDC from Taiwan

FDC Name:New Year's Greeting(year of "ox")
Issue date:1st DEC'2008
Details:This miniature sheet New year's Greeting has a design a yin and yang symbol that is composed of ripples of water,an ox and aleaf floating on the water.The design in conjunction with an expression meaning "a turn for the good" that begins with two characters"niu-jhuan"(a homonym for "ox"plus the character "turns") implies that in the year of the ox,the world will be renewed.On the margin,a magpie on a trip of a plum tree symbolizes auspiciousness by suggesting the expression"joy rises to the tips of one's eyebrows".The classic pink color scheme imparts a serene atmosphere to the sheet.
Remark:Excellent two real posted FDC from my Taiwan friend,Great thanks a lot.

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