Dec 2, 2008

Evershed Effect Stamp from INDIA

Issue date:2nd DEC'2008
Stamp Name:Evershed Effect
Details:India Post issued a stamp in the denomination of Rs 5 on the centenary of the discovery of Evershed Effect on November 30, 2008.
  • The Evershed effect, named after the astronomer John Evershed, is the radial flow of gas across the photospheric surface of the penumbra of sunspots from the inner border with the umbra towards the outer edge. The speed varies from around 1 km/s at the border between the umbra and the penumbra to a maximum of around double this in the middle of the penumbra and falls off to zero at the outer edge of the penumbra.
  • Evershed first detected this phenomenon in January 1909, whilst working at the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory in India, when he found that the spectral lines of sunspots showed doppler shift.
  • Suresh Kumar designed the Stamp and the First Day Cover.
  • Alka Sharma designed the pictorial first day postmark. Brochure containing write-up and technical data was issued on the occasion.
  • The First Day Cover and the Brochure are priced at Rs 2 each.
  • Security Printing Press, Hyderabad printed the stamp by wet offset in the quantities of 0.4 million

Remark:No Stamps,FDC & information sheet is available in the post office,This became a farce by India post as they are planned to discourage philatelic activity fro INDIA stamps.

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