Nov 2, 2008

Forthcoming Issue -Jayadeva’s Gitagovinda

The Department of Posts is going to issue a set of Commemorative Postage stamps and a miniature sheet on Jayadeva’s Gitagovinda in November 2008 possibly.

Gitagovinda composed in the second half of 12th Century is a monumental work of Art and Poetry. In the field of performing arts it has inspired music with raga and tala. Each of the 24 songs is prescribed with the raga. In the field of classical dances Gitagovinda inspired and enriched dance forms like Bharatnatyam , Mohiniattam , Odissi and Manipuri. In the field of Painting many murals by different schools of Painting like Bundi, Mewar, Kangra and Basholi have been inspired by Gitagovinda.

Sir William Jones translated the Gitagovinda into English in 1792. Edwin Arnold translated the Poem as the Indian song of songs in 1875. Even Goete was inspired by this work.

Gitagovinda today lives in the hearts of millions of people through its music, Dance compositions and Paintings . Its appeal , beauty and intrinsic values have enhanced many folds during these last so many centuries. A set of stamps on such a theme depicting Indian art and culture will add glory to Indian Philately.

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