Oct 8, 2008

The 50th Anniversary of the Niugxa Hui Autonomous Region FDC from China

FDC Name:The 50th Anniversary of Ningxa Hui Autonomous Region.
Issue Date:23rd SEP'2008
Details:Set of 3 stamps has been issued with the FDC,these are
  1. 80 Fen: Wind Power
  2. 1.20 Yuan : Oasis
  3. 1.20 Yuan : Homeland in Harmony.

The Ningxia is a Hui autonomous region of the People's Republic of China, located on the northwest Loess highland, the Yellow River flows through a vast area of its land. The capital of the region is Yinchuan. More...

1 comment:

Fan Ming said...

you made a big mistake, this is the FDC for Ningxia Hui Auto. Region. not Guangxi. lol


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