Aug 15, 2008

XXIX Olympic2008 FDC from POLAND

FDC Name:XXIX Olympic PEKIN 2008
Issue Date:08-08-08
From 8 to 24 August this year the eyes of the world are turned to the city of Beijing.
In 2001, the International Olympic Committee decided to appoint the Chinese capital as the site of the summer Olympic Games. The location has been the reason for much controversy. China is a fascinating country with an inspiring history and a rich culture, and also a global economic power.
But it is also a state where the system of government and the observance of human and civil rights have long been contested by the international opinion.Despite the controversies caused by the decision of the IOC, the Olympic Games is undoubtedly a true feast for sport lovers.
The slogan of the Beijing Olympics is "One world - one dream".
The Polish Olympic team comprises 263 athletes, and is the largest in the last 28 years! The Polish Post is one of the sponsors of the Polish Olympic Team at the Beijing Olympic Games 2008.
New postage stamps and First Day CoversThe stamps issued to commemorate the Olympic Games present 4 out of the 28 Olympic disciplines: swimming, volleyball, the pole vault and fencing - it is those particular sports that our representatives are most hopeful to win medals in. The stamps are placed together in a block on the background of a traditional Chinese wood carving and the word "Beijing" written in its original form.
The design of the First Day Cover includes the same illustration, added with a photograph of the new Beijing stadium called the "Bird's Nest".
An occasional date stamp will be used, as a matter of exception, in the 88 Warsaw Post Office (at 10 Melomanów Str.). Eight is considered a lucky number in China. It is no coincidence that the games start on 8 August 2008, at 8.08 pm local time. Number "8" was also specially emphasised in the design of the Polish Post stamps. We would like it to bring good luck to our athletes, too.
The Polish Post has been issuing postage stamps related to the Olympic Games since 1956. It was then that a series of 6 postage stamps, commemorating the 16th Olympic Games held in Melbourne, was issued. An additional stamp, depicting the record 6.35 metre long jump by Elżbieta Krzesińska and the gold medal awarded for that result, was issued immediately after the Melbourne games. During the next couple of months, the Olympic Centre of the Żoliborz district in Warsaw will house an exhibition of all the Olympic stamp issues
Remark: Excellent Stamps with FDC,Thanks to my friend from Poland.

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