Aug 1, 2008

Inauguration of New Postal Museum FDC from MAURITIUS

FDC Name:Inauguration of New Postal Museum.
Issue Date:23rd JULY 2008.
  • While the year 1868 is inscribed on the facade of the building,the construction thereof started in 1865 under the supervision of Surveyor General morrison and was fully completed in 1870.It is an architectural masterpiece,made of large basalt stone blocks similar to Victorian building found in other British colonies.The front part of the building is made of five arches and the words"Post office"is written in the oxford style.
  • The building was decreed a National Monument in 1958 through GN No 614 by Governor Sir robert Scott.
  • The two stamps on the Special Commemorative Cover are the Rs.25.00 & the 60 cents respectively of the Doda & 150th Anniversary of the post office Stamps issues.
  • The illustration on the cover shows the historical Post office building & the logo of Mauritius Postal Museum.

Remark:This my 1st FDC from "MAURITIUS" sent by my friend by registered post.Many thanks to her.

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