Jul 1, 2008

VII EUROSAI Congress in Krakow FDC from POLAND

FDC Name:VII EUROSAI Congress in Krakow
Issue Date:30th May'2008.
EUROSAI-The state audit and control institutions of all the world are united in the INTOSAI - International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions. One of its eight regional groups is the EUROSAI - European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, uniting 48 such institutions. The EUROSAI congresses are held every 3 years, and the leadership of organization is usually taken over by the actual host. The next congress is to be held on June 2-5, 2008 in Krakow, Poland. The previous congresses have taken place in Madrid (1990 - the Establishing Congress), Stockholm (1993), Prague (1996), Paris (1999), Moscow (2002), and in Bonn (2005)
NIK-The Supreme Chamber of Control is the most important state audit organization in Poland. Its main task is auditing the management of the public means. NIK reports annually on its activities to Sejm - the Lower Chamber of Polish Parliament.NIK coordinates the activities of the EUROSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing. During the Krakow Congress an important ecology-friendly novelty will be introduced: all the materials will be available in the electronic form, and not as a printed matter as before.
On the occasion of the VII EUROSAI Congress and taking over by NIK the leadership of organization Poczta Polska has issued a special stamp with the Congress logo. The magnifying glass on that stamp is a symbol of audit. On the FDC envelope there are graphically processed flags of the 6 countries which up to now have hosted the previous congresses and consequently have played one by one a role of the EUROSAI leaders.
The author of the Congress logo, printed on the stamp and on the FDC envelope as well, in which the stylized dragon's head stands for the letter S, is Joanna Sowula, a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, whose project has been chosen by the NIK representatives from among other prize winners. The stamp will be accompanied by the occasional postmark, applied at the Krakow one Post Office.
Remark:FDC posted in regular post reached here in good condition.Thanks to my friend in Poland for nice FDC.

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