Jul 31, 2008

Famous Ancient General - Qi Jiguang FDC from China

FDC Name:Famous Ancient General - Qi Jiguang.
Issue Date:19th JULY'2008.
  • Qi Jiguang (November 12, 1528 – January 5, 1588) was a Chinese military general and national hero during the Ming Dynasty. He was best remembered for his courage and leadership in the fight against Japanese pirates along the east coast of China, as well as his reinforcement work on the Great Wall of China. More...
  • Designers of cover and cancellation by Liu Xiangping & meng Jie.

Remark: Typical Chinese painting stamps.Received the registered post FDC in good condition today.The Sl.No of the FDC is 024641. Total FDC printed by China post 200000.

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