Jul 3, 2008

The Construction on The West Coast of the Taiwan Strait FDC from CHINA

FDC Name:The Construction on The West Coast of the Taiwan Strait.
Issue Date:18 June 2008.
Details:The economic zone on the west coast of the Taiwan Straits is a regional economic complex, mainly for Fujian Province and its neighboring areas. This explains its features and advantages, including an economic cluster effect. Over the past 30 years since reform and opening up in 1978, Fujian has witnessed remarkable socio-economic achievements, gradual improvement in infrastructure, and notable advancement in its people's living standards. The zone is expected to become the pilot region to advance scientific development as well as exchange and cooperation with people across the Taiwan Straits.The details of the stamps are
1.20 Yuan : Scenery along the Minjiang River
1.20 Yuan : Port of Xiamen
1.20 Yuan : Convention and Exhibition Centre
1.20 Yuan : Fujian-Taiwan Kinship Museum
Remark:Excellent self made FDC posted on the issue date by my friend from China.As it happen in INDIA sometime official FDC are not available in post office so serious philatelist has to make self made FDC.

1 comment:

Fan Ming said...

The local postmark was cancelled by myself agian. :)


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