Jul 6, 2008

The 50th Anniversary of Indonesia – Japan Diplomatic FDC from Japan

FDC Name:The 50th Anniversary of Japan-Indonesia Diplomatic.
Issue Date:23rd JUNE 2008
Details:Japan post has released a mini sheet consisting of 10 nos of stamps.The details are as follows
(80)Colored Carp Fish (Cyprinus carpio)This colorful and beautiful member of the carp family is called Koi or nishikigoi in Japanese (simply means "crap") and can easily be found in the pond at Japanese gardens. The beauty of the fish is appraised by their most important feature, the markings and patterns. In Japan, koi breeding has occupied a position between hobby and art form for more than two centuries. The ornamental cultivation of Koi started in 17th century in the Niigata prefecture. In the beginning of 19th century they became more popular and several color patterns had been formed, most notably red-and-white. The outside world became aware of its development in 1914, when Niigata Koi were exhibited in Tokyo and some were presented to then Crown Prince Hirohito. Since then, the interest in Koi spread throughout Jpan and then worldwide. Koi varieties are distinguished by coloration, patterning, and scalation. Generally Koi have one to three different colors. Some of the major colors that often emerge are White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Black, and Blue. Spots patterns are various; however, the most sought-after patterns are round on forehead and stepping stone on its low back.
Remark:This FDC was posted by my friend from Japan using only one stamps from the sheet (Out of 10 stamps) with the first day special cancellation by regular post on the issue date.He has enclosed other stamps in the letter.It could have been better if he had sent the FDC by registered post using all the stamps.This is my 1st JAPAN FDC.Thanks a lot to my friend Guillamel FAVIER.

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