May 19, 2008

LATVIA FDC-Akmenraga Baka Light House

FDC Name:Akmenraga Baka Light house.
Issue Date:10th MAY 2008
Details:Translating directly the name of this place, it would be 'stone cape', so you can only guess if there will be stones and cape. Yes it is so, from old times the seaside is full with stones, which stand on their place, only seacoast has gone somewhere else in some places. Formerly this place was very dangerous for boats, because many times they could run on aground. Therefore in the end of 19th century here was built this red lighthouse, which hasn't survived from those times. This, almost 40 meters high lighthouse still works and is open for visitors.
Remark:Nice FDC posted on the issue date by my friend from Lativa,Good postmark,Recived here on 17th MAY 2008,Very fast delivery by Postal department.

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