May 27, 2008

Bridge FDC from Taiwan

FDC Name:Bridge
Issue Date:12th MAY'2008
Details:A set of 4 stamps was issued for this Bridge FDC of Taiwan.Nice Special cancellation.
  • NT$5.00: Wurih Bridge, Taichung Spanning the Han River, this beautiful cable-stayed bridge is the gateway to Taiwan High Speed Rail's Wurih Station for Taichung City, Taichung County and the Nantou area. Opened to traffic in January of 2004, it has a total length of 179 meters and a width of over 20 meters. This stylish steel bridge has become a new landmark in Wurih Township.
  • NT$5.00: Jilu Bridge, Nantou Spanning the Jhuoshuei River, the Jilu Bridge connects Jiji and Lugu Townships. It was opened to traffic in 2004 and has a total length of 967 meters and a width of 24 meters. It was the first side-spar cable-stayed bridge entirely built of concrete in Taiwan. The under-the-bridge illumination creates spectacular nighttime scenery. The bridge supports both transportation and tourism.
  • NT$12.00: Shueiyun Bridge, ShueiliSpanning the Shueili River, the bridge has a total length of 96 meters and a width of 3 meters. Completed in 2005, it was the first bridge in Nantou County to fully adopt solar lighting for nighttime illumination. Its colorful flashing lights are a traffic stopper.
  • NT$15.00: Sindong Bridge, MiaoliSpanning the Houlong River, this bridge in Gongguan Township is the gateway to Miaoli City. Opened to traffic in 1997, this symmetrical twin-tower cable-stayed bridge has a total length of over 320 meters and a width of 21 meters.

Remark:Posted on the issue date by my friend from Taiwan.But he has posted the FDC by regular post but using the complete set of stamps which is good enough for the registered post.The reason for this I do not know.

1 comment:

JMS1943 said...

The basic postage from Taiwan to India by air-mail is NT13, with registered needs plus NT45, this cover didn't have ehough postage.


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