Apr 17, 2008

Taiwan FDC- Disney's Cartoon Animation with M/s-Finding Nemo( 3rd APR'2008)

FDC Name:Cartoon Animation -Finding Nemo.

Issue Date:3rd April 2008.

Details:Disney's "Finding Nemo" is an animated movies shown in about 120 countries around the world & won Oscar for the best animated feature. The film is about a single clown fish father and his son Nemo.One day Nemo is captured & tahn put in the a fish tank.To find his beloved son,the anxious father embarks on a difficulty and dangerous journey.One his way he confronts all kinds of crises,but he is eventually reunited with his son thanks to the help of ocean friends.The stamp features

  • Nemo- a clown fish & star of film
  • Tad - a long nose butterfly fish
  • Sheldon- a little seahorse
  • Squirt- a little green sea turtle
  • Peach - a starfish
  • Bubbles-a yellow tang
  • Dory- a blue tang
  • Pearl- a flapjack octopus

Remark: Excellent Two FDC worth collecting,posted on the issue date by my Taiwan friends by registered post & reach here on 16th APRIL'2008 in India.Thanks to Indiapost this time no tamper was done on FDC.

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