Mar 21, 2008

China FDC-Birds of China (28th FEB'2008)

FDC name :Birds of China (6v)
Date of Issue:28th FEB'2008
Details:Designs:Two set of FDC was issued carrying six special stamps with a total face value of 7.20 yuan.The details of the birds are as follows.

Birds are man's good friend. From the two snow-covered poles to the roof of the world, from roaring seas to dense forests, and from bare deserts to bustling cities, various colorful birds have infused fresh vigor to nature and human life. A component of the ecosystems, birds play an important role in keeping the ecological balance. Of the 9,000 species of birds on earth, 1,200 can be found in China, and 100 are peculiar to the country. The six birds on the stamps are among the said 100 species, with high ornamental and economic values.

Remark:These 2 FDC was posted to me on the issue date by my China friend by registered post & was received by me on 17th MARCH'2008 in a very bad condition.Stamps was removed from one of the FDC in India post.Very bad for an FDC collector.

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