Feb 10, 2008

Birds of Taiwan FDC (30th JAN'2008)

Name of FDC: Birds of Taiwan.
Date of Issue: 30th JAN'2008
Details : After the first issue "Birds of Taiwan" on 3rd NOV'2007,this the next series on Birds.There are 4v stamps.
1.Dicururus aeneus(NT $1.00). A subspecies endemic to Taiwan,the bird is about 23 cm in length .Its whole body is covered in black plumage with a blue metallic sheen.Its tail is fairly long & forked like a fishtail.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bronzed_Drongo
2.Lanius Schach(NT$2.50).This is common resident bird about 25cm in length,is a subspecies endemic to Taiwan.Itis bluish gray from crown to the upper black.
3.Dendrocitta formosae(NT$10.00).This commonresident bird is about 34cm in length,is a subspecies endemic of Taiwan.The coloration of the bird is largely black,gray & brown.
4.Pycnononotus sinensis(NT$32.00).This common resident bird is 18cm in length.It is mostely yellow-green in color.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Bulbul
Remark:Nice FDC posted on the issue date by registered airmail post and recah in India 7th FEB'2008 in good condition.

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