Jan 22, 2008

15th Anniversary of Slovak Republic FDC (1st JAN'2008)

Name of FDC: 15th Anniversary of the Slovak Republic.

Date of Issue: 1st JAN'2008.

Details: The independent & sovereign Slovak Republic is one of the youngest countries in the world,although Slovaks are among the oldest European peoples.Due to unfavourable geopolitical and historical circumstances,Slovaks achieved their sovereign & independent statehood only 15 years ago on 1st January 1993.The territory of the present Slovakia was compactly & continuously populated by the ancestors of the present Slovaks,most probably since the end of the 5th century.In the 9th century,they crested a powerful early-feudal state,in which the foundation of the statehood of several Central European nations were laid along with the foundations of Slavonic culture & literature.

The stamps depicts the map of the Slovak Republic highlighted by the Slovak national tricolour.Inside the broders are the symbols of eight central towns of the self-governing regions into which the Slovak Republic is subdivided.In the background the stamp is stylised emblem of the Europan Union,which the Slovak Republic joined in 2004.The first day cover shows the location of the Slovak Republic in Europe.The motif on the FDC stamp is Mount Krivan,which is unofficial symbol of Slovakia.

Designer: Peter Augustovic.Total FDC printed 5600.

Remark:FDC posted on the issue date & recived in India on 22nd JAN'2008.

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