Dec 26, 2007

Snows Basilica FDC from INDIA (25th DEC'2007)

  • FDC:Snows Basilica Church.
  • Issue Date:25th DEC'2007.
  • 5.00INR value , Total Stamps printed 0.4 Million.
  • Stamp Design by Kamileshwar Singh,FDC & Cancellation by Alka Sharma.
  • The Snows Basilica is situated in Tuticorin,An ancient structure,it is a striking and significant landmark unfolding the tale of the social history of our Country-India.The Church was build by Fr.Pedru Consalves in 1538 AD and went several changes.The church dedicated to our lady of Mercy was consecrated by Rev.Monsignor Devoua on 5th August 1582 on the feast of Our Lady of Snows.
  • The Church underwent changes and came in to the present structure when especilaly Fr.Vigil mange made effort to beautify the structure.he faced difficulties from Dutch,however he managed to obtain permission from dutch Government at Cylon.The newly constructed Church was consecrated and blessed on the feast of Our Lady of Snows on 5th August 1713 A.D.
  • Pope John Paul-II raised this Church to the status of Basilica on 30th July 1982 on the occasion of its 400th Anniversary.

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